Kellie Kauffman Horsemanship

John & Josh Lyons
certified trainer

Kellie Kauffman


  For more than 20 years Kellie has been training horses and teaching people, and educating herself on all aspects of horse training. During her show career she trained and has shown horses in western pleasure, halter events, hunter under saddle, driving, and hunter jumpers. She also worked as a groom at Circle S Farm in Davie, Fl where they rehabilitated, bred, and  trained Thoroughbred race horses. 

   In 2005 she moved to Colorado to train with Josh Lyons to become a John and Josh Lyons certified horse trainer. "Working with Josh and John was an amazing experience. Josh taught me many things, most importantly about how I saw myself as a trainer. He taught me how to think and see things more clearly, being able to read every movement of the horses body and how it works together. I have learned a lot from great people over the years, but Josh Lyons was the one that brought me to what I am today. I am very grateful to have had the experience of training with the Lyons Legacy!" Kellie

   For the past 12+ years Kellie has been working as a licensed and certified trainer serving all of FL.   


   "I specialize in starting horses for any discipline, breed, and level of riding.

  I also focus on safety and creating a bond between you and your equine partner. By training you along side your horse, you learn to communicate better. Resistance free."  Kellie