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Quotes I can't thank Kellie enough for her help in teaching my horse how to self-load in the trailer. I have a straight-load two horse trailer and I had to lead him in. The problem came when I would then walk out to close the doors, he would back out, trying to follow me. I was having a lot of problems, even to the point of having to cancel rides if I was at the barn by myself and I didn?t have anyone to close the trailer doors for me so he wouldn?t back out. Kellie worked with my horse only a few times and he learned what she was asking him to do. He now self-loads into my trailer with no hesitation. He is standing quieter when waiting to be unloaded as well because he is comfortable with the trailer. Kellie never forced him to go in, which would?ve made him want to come out as fast as he could. It is so awesome to be able to point him towards the trailer and he willingly walks in and stands quietly. Quotes
Trailer Loading

Quotes There is not a better person to help you learn how to communicate with your horse and become a better rider. Before I met Kellie, I was a novice. I am still a novice and learning everyday but now I have an Amazing coach and trainer. My horse is better off and I am safer in the saddle. She has helped my mare and I do great things together. I couldn't recommend a better trainer. Thanks Kellie, for everything! I am so blessed to have found you! Quotes
Terra Anderson

Quotes Learning from Kellie is great opportunity for the rider and the horse. On my first lesson, all I knew about horses was that I had finally had one. What to do next was a complete mystery to me. I barely knew how to put a saddle on. Kellie accepts her students as they. With me she had to start with the very basics. She pushes students to succeed at your own level. She translates the "horse language" into something that both the horse and rider understand. Kellie's instructions and methods are always right in line with the top pro trainers. I can't say how many times Kellie has told me something, then I find myself reading the same advice in a book or article written by one of the top pros. Kellie isn't just great with adult novice riders. She also teaches my 15 year old who is a good rider. With her help, he is competing and winning at trail obstacle challenges. Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, Kellie can you to the next level of horsemanship. Quotes
Tauna Bogle

Quotes Riding with Kellie has been an incredible learning experience for me. Many trainers I?ve worked with have focused much of their attention on the horse and what it may or may not be doing. In addition to the horse, Kellie helps me as a rider. She has a keen eye that can see even the slightest detail of where my hand is, if my leg is squeezing the horse, how I am sitting, etc. This in turn helps my horse do what I?m asking. I can feel my fiery mare relaxing as she now understands what I?m asking of her. Kellie gives positive feedback as you learn and encourages the teamwork between you and your horse. I can see improvement in my horses and myself within just a couple lessons with Kellie. I look forward to any chance I can ride with Kellie and participate in her clinics!! Quotes

Quotes I moved over from Wellington, FL and was very worried about finding a trainer outside of Wellington for my 3 yr. old who wasn't fully started yet, and I needed help. I knew nobody over here in Lee County. Once I found Kellie's website, I contacted her immediately. Right from the start I felt like I had a good friend...She trailered both of my horses from Wellington to North Fort Myers with all the patience I was hoping for. In a couple of weeks we got my young horse started in a consistant program, and again, Kellie had so much patience and understanding. "Winston' is now walking, trotting,& cantering with ease and no bad habits. We are continuing to work with him. I couldn't be happier with the results so far, and I can't thank Kellie enough!! I found that I was worried for nothing after meeting and working with Kellie. Quotes
Lisa Brooks
Horse Owner and Rider

Quotes Kellie is an awesome trainer, Ive known Kel for 12 years, she has taught me everything I know, and is great with being patient with me when I forget what she has taught me. Very good one on one and also great with groups of people in clinics. I watched her grow in her business over the years. Kel is never been one to stop learning. I truly believe every great teacher is a great student. Thank you Kellie for being you. Nannette Miller Student/ Friend Quotes
Nannette Miller

Quotes She has shown me that you get better results working with your horse the natural way. I have learned several techniques from her and they have made working with my horse a pleasure instead of a fight. She has also given my 5 year old lessons and she is just as patient with children as she is with the horses. Anyone one would be lucky to work with her. Quotes

Quotes Great experience! Kellie is a very good teacher. I have had the pleasure of taking several of her clinics, and always come away with knowledge and a better understanding of my horse. I have had horses for over 30 years, and I always learn something new and better about riding and the horse's way of thinking. Thank you so much, and look forward to more clinics. Quotes
Student Still In Training

Quotes Mohna and I have been having the best time at Kellie's clinics! She has a great way of teaching that is easy to understand. Kellie breaks things down into simple steps - which helps me communicate with my mare Mohna. Thanks Kellie for all of your help! Mohna thanks you too!! Eileen Quotes
Eileen Coe
Geronimohna's Mom

Quotes Hi, This is our new testimonial page! Please feel free to talk about your experiences training with Kellie. Thanks, Maladandy Ranch Quotes
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